where-in-the-universe-140What does the universe want from me? Interesting question.

For some time, probably the better part of my life, I’ve been asking myself – Who am I? And what do I want?

This morning I was reading an article on the NY Times on Mindfulness. Soren Gorhamer, the founder of Wisdom 2.0 was going through a soul searching period in his life and turned the question around: Rather than asking, “What do I want from life?” he asked, “What does life want from me?”

Mr. Gordhamer’s response to this came five years ago while residing in a double-wide trailer in remote Dixon, N.M. He was newly divorced and had lost his job organizing events for Richard Gere’s Foundation. At the time, Mr. Gordhamer was reading a lot of Eckhart Tolle and kept returning to one idea: Rather than asking, “What do I want from life?” he asked, “What does life want from me?” Convinced he had settled on an answer, Mr. Gordhamer withdrew the last $10,000 from his bank account and started Wisdom 2.0.

Maybe that is the question that I need to start asking myself – What does life want from me?

Writing has been this ever present desire in my life and I have been writing in one form or another for most of my life. My eight grade English teacher put me on the path to journaling and I have – for the most part – continued to journal ever since. It has been a way for me to express, vent, unravel, reframe and try to understand myself. My journals have always been for my eyes only – although I suspect (know) that some curious eyeballs have trespassed.

As each day, week, month and year pass, the things that seemed to matter most to me keep slipping further into the background of my life. It is time for me to ask the question – What does life want from me? – in earnest and then I must be ready for the answer.